State Sector

State Authorities

  • Public budget
  • Dedicated management programs
  • Management of investor appeal
  • Municipal education management
  • Website for state agencies
  • Internal portal for state organisations

Health Services

  • Medical IT system
  • Regional monitoring service for administrative activities (RS AKhD)
  • Health Facility Passport (LPU passport)
  • Medical worker register
  • Health facility website
  • Health facility portal


  • Education management
  • E-higher Education Establishment
  • E-school
  • E-college
  • E-kindergarten
  • Website for education establishments
  • Website for schools
  • Internal portal for education establishments


  • Salaries and personnel
  • Cloud accounting
  • State and municipal acquisitions
  • Property management
  • Workforce balance forecast
  • E-head office

Document Processing Automation

  • State and municipal services
  • Administrative centre
  • E-register office
  • Printed document identification (DoсNet)

Financial Management

  • Omega.PFU
  • Integration of automated management system for business finance-related matters (ASU PFKhD)

Project management

  • Project Management
  • Calls, programs, Russian grants

Library Management

Data Portal

Corporate Sector

Business Analytics

  • Investment management
  • KPI goal management
  • Company analytics
  • Analytics for ports and container terminals
  • Customs management
  • Trade management
  • Business security management
  • Energy and energy conservation management
  • E-head office

Enterprise Management

Site Management

  • Online shop
  • Business portal

Omega delivers solutions for corporate project management and investments in any type of organisation.

Our IT systems are developed based on current market demands of the field in which companies are operating, and thus the implementation of Omega software allows for your organisation’s business processes to be optimised with maximum effect: conducting simulations and forecasting company growth, optimising financial processes and assessing risk levels.

Financial Sector
  • Finance monitoring
  • Bank management

High-level growth of IT infrastructure and large-scale proliferation of information technology have generated issues in the automation of business processes and implementation of the latest technology in financial sector companies’ operational and analytic practices.

In view of this, Omega delivers solutions which allow customers to efficiently receive analytic information in an understandable and easy-to-use format and to use it for problem solving in budget, planning and strategy management.