IT Services

Software Implementation and Support

  • 1C:Enterprise implementation
  • IT support
  • Tailored individual service
  • Consultation centre

Cloud Technology

  • 1C:Fresh
  • 1C:Link
  • PO hire
  • 1C Cloud Archive
  • Cloud key storage
  • Education
  • Custom system development
  • Electronic document processing
Business Consulting
  • Accounts consulting
  • Management consulting
  • LIK software products
  • Production consulting

Omega offers a complete spectrum of services in the business consulting sphere. Our specialists are ready and waiting to develop a business plan for optimising businesses’ internal processes, implement KPI or take on your accounts.

When you turn to our company for business consulting services, you gain a reliable partner able to give an objective appraisal of the situation at hand, bring to light current and any imminent problems, issue short-term growth projections and also offer ways out of any conflicts or issues that have arisen.

Data Security

With the growth of information technology came added security threats to data, which could even include information about employees or customers.

In the event of further data leaks an organisation risks not only losing trust but having to completely shut down its operations.

Thanks to the experience we’ve accumulated utilising state-of-the-art solutions and patented best practices in the field, Omega specialists create unique software products and methods that guarantee complete data protection.